Eva-Maria Heinz - Clavichord

The Clavichord is most likely the oldest form of a stringed keyboard instrument followed out of the Monochord.

The name is derived from Latin „clavis“ -  key and „chorda“ – string. The time of origin cannot be exactly determined, the final shape was found in the first half of the 15th. century.

In the 17th., 18th. until the beginning of the 19th. century the Clavichord was a widespread house, practicing and teaching instrument..

  • Introduction to  the instrument
  • Concerts, morning performance and evening concert with the following content:
    • Music for keybboards instruments of the Middle Ages via Renaissance, Baroque and classical period until the modern age and the 21st. century.
    • Music in combination with readings.
    • Own improvisations
  • Chamber.musical-events in a private and selected atmosphere.
  • Music to go quiet, to mediation and to contemplation
  • On request individual program arrangements can also be worked out and offered.

More informations: www.musik-paedagogin.de

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