STHC Agency represents and provides the booking of ensembles presenting new creations and performances, new combination of different arts, or offer exceptional and special performances. Means the rare precious stones with their shimmering facets and striking radiance.

The special quality can be the instrument used, the style direction presented, the innovation as such up to the unique combination of different arts in one specific ensemble and the arising new striking performances.

Special qualities of the artistor the ensemble can be!

  • Use of an exceptional instrument as for example the Clavichord (precursor of the pianoforte) with which the live-music is arranged to dance and pantomime.
  •  Live-Music, apart from a Clavichord can be presented e.g. as well with a piano or a synthesizer.
  • Magic, pantomime, dance in unusual pieces of equipment, clownery and poetry
  • LED-art and neon-art with blacklight
  • The artists involve the audience as specifc fact into their presentation.

Where do the ensembles appear ideally?

  • In smaller Theaters
  • In Cabarets
  • On Vaudeville Stages
  • On Concert Stages
  • On Congresses
  • With jubilees
  • Private Events
  • On Conferences
  • On Company Events

In short, wherever the special for eye and ear is welcome.