„Il Maestro e lo Scolare“

Clavier music for 5, 10, 15 and 20 fingers

Everybody who got in touch in his life with the Clavier knows them – these educational pieces. However, it is not necessarily known to everybody that it was a long time customary to compose suitable music for own students – and that on this educational way countless wonderful pieces have originated.

The musicians Sigrun Stephan and Eva-Maria Heinz have arranged a high-class repertoire of concerts in which the often so prolific teachers schoolboys relation is thrown a light on.
Both will play on THE teaching instrument which all big masters have recommended till the 18th. century: The Clavichord. – the most delicate temptation since it gives keys ...

On this Clavier there will be performed dreamlike pieces like the Intervention for Two Voices  of J.S. Bach, strange ones  just for one hand of C.Ph.E. Bach, but as well music for the proverbial two left hands. And apart of 3 handed and 4 handed pieces one shall be admired of course by the performance on the Clavichord of quite „normal“ selected masterpieces played just with two hands.

An arrangement to grin and to enjoy with music from J.S. Bach to J. Haydn