STHC Agency represents and provides the booking of musicians and music ensembles presenting new creations and performances, new combination of different arts, or offer exceptional and special performances. Means the rare precious stones with their shimmering facets and striking radiance.  

The special quality can be the instrument used, the style direction presented, the innovation as such up to the unique combination of different arts in one specific ensemble and the arising new striking performances.

Our Musicians

Eva-Maria Heinz - Clavichord

The Clavichord is most likely the oldest form of a stringed keyboard instrument followed out of the Monochord.

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Il Maestro e lo Scolare

The musicians Sigrun Stephan and Eva-Maria Heinz have arranged a high-class repertoire of concerts in which the often so prolific teachers schoolboys relation is thrown a light on.

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One may be tremendously surprised by this constellation of instruments and ask oneself how this can probably function:

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