Trio Bell’ Arti

Dive into a world of imagination, the play of lights, the illusion and the exceptional art of movements.Three artists interwine the music from baroque, pop and musical creatively and humorously with magic, pantomime and dance. The unusual dance utensils like the dancing bag (after Dr. Sonnenschmidt), Morphsuits, mask and Isis-Wings for one moment make disappear the individual person and giving wings to the imagination – sometimes in the dim light with LED costumes, sometimes in the bright light with magnificent garments.

If a piano is available, another highlight of the program is offered by us: Improvisation. With it the audience will be included. We ask somebody out of the audience to pull an „Improvisation Card“, then we convert spontaneously the theme into music and dance.  The improvisation is the art, to remove existing rules in a way, that the deeper lying message of rule and order comes to light, namely freedom of the mind and freedom of the action in the momentary flow of the energy. All that may happen with humour and the joy to offer to the audience high level amusement. 

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