We are a group of friends which comes from quite different professional areas: Music educational theory, dance therapy, theatre and commercial life. Fun in creative and amusing play with exceptional utensils is uniting us. We set ourselves the task to take the latest scientific findngs of brain research serious;

  • Rhythm in music and body language keeps physical and spiritual fit
  • Poetry in word and movement stimulates the creative self-expression.
  • Humorous prevention for brain, joints and way of speaking supports self-realization

How is the performance arranged?

There are two possibilities:

  • The base cast of six members is using music of CDs. The music spectrum its spreading from Renaissance, Baroque, Musical, Pop, Jazz and Worldmusic.
  • The big cast is accompanied live on Keyboards and Percussion, as well in the music-stylistic span.

Download Brochure "HUMUS•S•S"