Claviatur of the Poetry

With this unparalleled cast we offer an extraordinary programme. The silvery sound of the Clavichord let’s forget the noise of the everyday life. Space originates again for poetry in sound, word and movement, likewise a poetic as meditative atmosphere.

Both artist control have mastered not only the „Claviatur“ of different music styles from Renaissance to modern times, but interwine the music creatively and humorously with poem, pantomime and dance. The unusual dance utensils like the dancing bag, mask and Isis-Wings for one moment make disappear the individual person and giving wings to the imagination.

By the art of movement the rhythm in music and poetry gets a deeper meaning, because as we speak as we move. Another highlight of the program is the improvisation, if it is in the darkness at the beginning or the end of the performance or if we ask somebody out of the audience to pull an „Improvisation Card“, then we convert spontaneously the theme into music and dance.  

Download Brochure "Claviatur der Poesie"